Tuesday, July 4, 2017

005 - Grateful Americana

This month on the Brokedown Podcast we take a look at the Grateful Dead's lyrical Americana. More an overview than a deep-dive, we're going to cover a fair bit of ground like a freight with a good signal and a head of steam. We're covering all four decades of Grateful Dead this time.

It's no question that the Grateful Dead are, musically, a potent amalgam of American musical styles. Bluegrass, jazz, rock, R&B, folk, country, and avant garde composition mesh into a tantalizing stew. Lyrically, the band tells stories that cover the gamut of American walks of life and even paint a romantic mythology blending old west, deep south, appalachian, and maritime themes with modern road songs.

This, along with some jamming, is what we set out to explore over these two sets of great live music. Naturally you'll get some discussion before and after each. The playlist will be posted after the jump to protect you from spoilers. So fire this up along with the backyard barbecue and have yourself a real good time.

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As always, Thank you for listening.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

004 - June '73

It's June. It's hot outside in my town and, man, it's only getting hotter. I could drop in a lousy joke about how cool the Grateful Dead are but I'll spare you.

This month, with our fourth episode, we pay tribute to a fallen Brother and get into some deep jams along the way. As you well know by now, Gregg Allman passed on May 27 and though he may be sorely missed, he'll always be with us in his work.

The episode is broken into three chunks of music from three different shows. Each is accompanied by a bit of discussion along the way.

As I say in each episode, don't forget to follow the @BrokedownPod twitter account for regular news, live tweetstorms of shows as I listen, and other minutiae.

As always, Thank you for listening.

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Track listings and such come after the jump!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

003 - Spring '77

It's May, which is still Spring and a perfect time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the laudable Spring '77 tour. The band has marked the occasion with the release of a new boxed set featuring the complete 5/5 (New Haven, CT), 5/7 (Boston, MA) , 5/8 (Ithaca, NY), and 5/9 (Buffalo, NY) shows. Additionally, the legendary 5/8 show from Cornell University has received its own standalone release on compact disc and vinyl. (You can grab these here: boxed set and here: 5/8 CD, Vinyl)

On this episode, we join in the party with a mix of tunes from the tour as well as a tribute to the 5/8 show itself. Whether it's your favorite Grateful Dead show or one that you feel gets a little too much love, we hope you enjoy what we've got in store for you here.

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

002 - April '78

This month's episode focuses in on four shows in the Middle of April of 1978. Working their way out of the South, the Grateful Dead played Duke University on 4/12, VPI (now commonly referred to as Virginia Tech) on 4/14, William & Mary on 4/15, and Huntington Civic Center on 4/16. These four shows display a tidy cross-section of the band at the time and, fortunately for us, some quality tapes circulate.

The band is working into the layout of the modern Grateful Dead, with song oriented first sets and second set jamming but the jams aren't only in set two. In the episode, we talk a little about each show and then we've assembled a pair of 'sets' from highlights of the four nights.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

001 - Spring Tour

It's springtime (or very nearly.) 

Here at Brokedown Podcasting Central, Spring came early this year. Whether we've got snow on the ground, flowers in the trees, or both on the same day; this time of year makes me itch to get out on the road for tour. Yes, it's been a long time since Grateful Dead played a Spring tour but, every time I see a 3x5 card, it seems like yesterday.

For our first episode, we begin with a sampler from the Spring. Each selection comes from a show within the first ten years of the band with one basic requirement… a Springtime date. We hope you enjoy this little trip.

Thursday, March 2, 2017


Welcome to the home of the Brokedown Podcast!

Here, you'll find show notes and links to each episode as well as to other resources and interesting items we might find out in the web.

Be sure to check out our partners and friends over at The Helping Friendly Podcast for your regular dose of Phish. You could also hear the HFPod episode that started all of this here.

The amazing blog, Thoughts On The Dead, will keep you entertained for hours with... well... You'd better see it for yourself.

Lost Live Dead dives deep into the obscure happenings over the history of the band. while The Deadlists Project is the go-to source for setlists.

If you're into albums and that sort of thing, The Grateful Dead Family Discography is a great resource for all things even roughly related to the Dead on vinyl, cd, or other.

Those should keep you busy for a little bit while we get the motor running on this here podcast. Watch this space or our Twitter, @brokedownpod, for more information on the first episode.