Tuesday, May 9, 2017

003 - Spring '77

It's May, which is still Spring and a perfect time to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the laudable Spring '77 tour. The band has marked the occasion with the release of a new boxed set featuring the complete 5/5 (New Haven, CT), 5/7 (Boston, MA) , 5/8 (Ithaca, NY), and 5/9 (Buffalo, NY) shows. Additionally, the legendary 5/8 show from Cornell University has received its own standalone release on compact disc and vinyl. (You can grab these here: boxed set and here: 5/8 CD, Vinyl)

On this episode, we join in the party with a mix of tunes from the tour as well as a tribute to the 5/8 show itself. Whether it's your favorite Grateful Dead show or one that you feel gets a little too much love, we hope you enjoy what we've got in store for you here.

Listen via iTunes, GooglePlay, or in the player below.