Tuesday, July 4, 2017

005 - Grateful Americana

This month on the Brokedown Podcast we take a look at the Grateful Dead's lyrical Americana. More an overview than a deep-dive, we're going to cover a fair bit of ground like a freight with a good signal and a head of steam. We're covering all four decades of Grateful Dead this time.

It's no question that the Grateful Dead are, musically, a potent amalgam of American musical styles. Bluegrass, jazz, rock, R&B, folk, country, and avant garde composition mesh into a tantalizing stew. Lyrically, the band tells stories that cover the gamut of American walks of life and even paint a romantic mythology blending old west, deep south, appalachian, and maritime themes with modern road songs.

This, along with some jamming, is what we set out to explore over these two sets of great live music. Naturally you'll get some discussion before and after each. The playlist will be posted after the jump to protect you from spoilers. So fire this up along with the backyard barbecue and have yourself a real good time.

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As always, Thank you for listening.

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