Tuesday, June 6, 2017

004 - June '73

It's June. It's hot outside in my town and, man, it's only getting hotter. I could drop in a lousy joke about how cool the Grateful Dead are but I'll spare you.

This month, with our fourth episode, we pay tribute to a fallen Brother and get into some deep jams along the way. As you well know by now, Gregg Allman passed on May 27 and though he may be sorely missed, he'll always be with us in his work.

The episode is broken into three chunks of music from three different shows. Each is accompanied by a bit of discussion along the way.

As I say in each episode, don't forget to follow the @BrokedownPod twitter account for regular news, live tweetstorms of shows as I listen, and other minutiae.

As always, Thank you for listening.

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