Tuesday, March 6, 2018

015 - Bobby Songs

We begin the Spring thaw with a visit from my good friend and the founder of both the Helping Friendly Podcast and the Osiris Podcast Network, RJ Bee. RJ wanted to talk about Bobby songs so that's just what we'll do. We also, spend a fair amount of time discussing the work of the late John Perry Barlow. Barlow's writing for the Grateful Dead along with his advocacy for an open internet via the Electronic Frontier Foundation are both keys to the very existence of this podcast. He will be missed and forever held in the utmost esteem.

As of late February, the Brokedown Podcast became a charter member of the Osiris Podcast Network. Osiris is a growing community of music and culture podcasts, connecting music fans with conversation, commentary and music. Osiris works in partnership with Relix, check them out for music news and information.

In addition to chatting about Weir, Barlow, and being a Grateful Dead fan, RJ and I assembled a set of tunes for you to enjoy. Check us out in two weeks for the second set.

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Set One
Feel Like A Stranger (1984-10-05), Cassidy (1974-03-23), Music Never Stopped (1976-06-14), Black Throated Wind (1974-05-19), Lazy Lightning > Supplication (1976-06-14), Looks Like Rain (1978-12-12), Weather Report Suite (1974-07-29)

Grateful Dead 7" Reissue Series: Uncle John's Band b/w New Speedway Boogie @ Dead.net

See you in two weeks!

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