Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Brad Farberman of Middle Blue


Greetings, Dead Freaks!

For this new episode,  I chat with guitarist, Brad Farberman. Brad plays with Middle Blue, Big Feet, and more. He's also producing a monthly compilation called "Stay In Shape" to benefit music venues that have been shut down due to coronavirus. Brad's music resides somewhere near the intersection of jazz, funk, and jam and, to compliment this, I've selected some live Jerry Garcia performances from similar zones.

The "Stay In Shape" compilation comes out on Feb 5, and you'll be able to get it from bradfarberman.bandcamp.com. It features more that 20 artists from all over the country and, for February, benefits Greenpoint/Brooklyn's Troost. 

Middle Blue released a great live album this past year called "Weird Funk In Small Bars". You can find it at middleblue.bandcamp.com. Brad's group Big Feet, which is a collaboration with 75 Dollar Bill's Rick Brown, released a new album last year as well. Both "On The Ground" and their live album can be found at bigfeetnyc.bandcamp.com. Lastly, Brad's collaboration with Daniel Carter and Billy Martin, "Just Don't Die", can be picked up at danielcarterbradfarbermanbillymartin.bandcamp.com.

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Selections In This Episode:

Middle Blue: Thank You, Mike Clark (featuring Mike Clark) (excerpt) (from the album, "Weird Funk In Small Bars" available via Bandcamp)

Daniel Carter, Brad Farberman, Billy Martin: Supreme (from the album, "Just Don't Die" available via Bandcamp)


1979-03-08 Cotati Cabaret, Cotati, CA - Struggling Man, Ain't That Lovin' You? > Lyinda

Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales:

1972-01-26 Symphony Hall, Boston, MA - Southside Strut > Up From The Desert > One AM Approach > Come On Baby > Jam Outer Space Regions > Carry Me Back > Bass Solo > Get Funky Brother > A Trip To What Next > Would You Leave Me > Wale's Boogie 

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