Tuesday, September 25, 2018

028 - Blues For The World Mix

No guest this week, fellow Dead Freaks. Just you and me and a the good old Grateful Dead. I've got a jam-packed mix for you that I think you're gonna enjoy. I put this together over ten years ago and it's high time you got a chance to wrap your head around it.

Last episode's guest, Jerry David DeCicca's new album comes out on Friday, 9/28  so head on over to his website, jerrydaviddecicca.com where you'll find tour dates and links to purchase his records. Please do check out what he has to offer.

Once again in this episode, I put in a word for the Love Hope Strength Foundation. They're doing great helping to expand the International Bone Marrow Registry. Their current fundraiser includes a giveaway for a trip to Las Vegas to meet and to see Ozzy Osbourne. For details on the contest, go to Omaze.com/ozzy and to learn more about how you can help the Love Hope Strength Foundation, check out lovehopestrength.org.

I completely failed to mention the merch in this episode so I'll just add here, you can still grab t-shirts, mugs (travel & otherwise), and stickers over on the Redbubble site.

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Selections in this episode:

"Blues For The World: A Grateful Dead Mix"
Compiled by J.M. Hart

1970-10-04 - 'Til The Morning Comes > 1973-06-22 - Beat It On Down The Line 1974-06-28 - Seastones* > 1981-10-06 - Space > Blues For Allah Jam > 1970-05-15 - Cryptical Envelopment > 1970-05-15 - The Other One > 1970-05-06 - Dancin' In the Streets Jam > 1974-07-19 - Eyes Of The World > 1973-06-10 - Stella Blue > 1974-06-28 - Space > Mind Left Body Jam > 1974-07-19 - Jam > Spanish Jam > 1969-11-07 - Dark Star > Uncle John's Jam > 1973-11-17 - Uncle John's Band (Jam) > Morning Dew > 1988-07-02 - Morning Dew

*This 3 second segment contains the full contents of Seastones from 1974-06-28, folded, inverted and otherwise manipulated into a single, thunderous, percussive note (with a bit of a roaring tail...)

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