Tuesday, September 5, 2017

007- September '72

The kids are back to school and we're making a study of one of the finest months in Grateful Dead history: September 1972. This time around we also have our first ever guest, Andy, bringing his knowledge and enthusiasm to the show.

The music on this episode ranges wildly and the conversation does too. We hope you enjoy it and hope you feel free to offer feedback on this change in the show.

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As always, Thank you for listening.

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Set 1

Morning Dew (9/16),  Greatest Story Ever Told (9/28), China Cat Sunflower (9/23) > I Know You Rider (9/09), Black Peter (9/10), Playing In the Band (9/16)

Set 2

He’s Gone > Truckin’ (9/10),  Dark Star (9/16) > El Paso (9/10) > Other One > Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia (9/28)

Be sure to check out all of these shows, in full, when you can. You will not regret it.

If you're looking for the Dark Star 1972 compilation, You can find it here: Dark Star 1972 @ Archive.org

Grateful Dead @ Folsum Field, Boulder, CO 1972-09-03


  1. I dig the 'new' format - talking about what you personally like about the upcoming jams, then playing said jams. Listening to them on my own, I notice my own things; so it's cool to hear somebody point out something new.
    As for Billy K., there's a "Truckin'" from London on this tour where the band is a bit spacey, one vocalist brings the last verse in, and then Bill brings the whole band back in - on the beat! I'll have to listen to that one, too.
    I made it through the first set yesterday, so I'm starting set II now.

    1. Thanks for listening, Chris! I'm glad you dig it.

  2. I like the commentary as well - cool to hear what stands out about the selections from different people. Lots of great stuff on this show! The "Playing in the Band" in particular highlights what's so great about this year. When in later years it leaned toward mellow space, here the jam is just full-throttle ahead, blazing! Yet it's also full of nuance as well, the band is really listening to each other, turning on a dime at 100mph.